Meet the Team

Anisha Ahuja (she/her) (Committee Chair)

Anisha Ahuja is a PhD student in Cultural Studies with an emphasis in Women’s and Gender Studies and completed her Master’s in the Cultural Studies program at CGU. She received a BA in Political Science and Feminist Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her research interest interests include feminist and queer theory, critical theory, and subaltern and postcolonial studies.

Gongju Cha (she/her)

Gongju Cha is a PhD student in Cultural Studies with Media concentration. She completed her Master in Cultural Studies at CGU. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Media & Communications, and Humanities and Justice at Korea University, South Korea. Her research interest is in visual studies including Cinema, Television, and Digital Media.

Lorise “Rise” Diamond (she, her, they, them)

Rise Diamond, a Ph.D. student in Cultural Studies, holds an M.A. in Rhetoric and Writing Studies and a B.A. in Communication with minors in Sociology and Interdisciplinary Studies from San Diego State University. Her work explores how power influences spiritual, intellectual, and aesthetic evolution in material and symbolic ecologies at the nexus of race, gender, and sexuality. She uses a prism that integrates radical Black feminism, multimodal rhetoric, and intercultural communication. Rise is an experienced university teacher, editor, and social justice entrepreneur who directs an education-centered non-profit organization.

Gabrielle Fox (she/her)

Gabrielle Fox is an Applied Gender Studies master’s student. Gabrielle received her BA as a double major in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies as well as Society, Ethic, and Human Behavior with a minor in Diversity Studies. Fox is a Chicana feminist writer. She also created the College App Coach, which is a small business that assists high school students in finding their voice and developing impactful college applications.

Samantha Gardner (they/them)

Sam Gardner is a PhD student in CGU’s Applied Social Psychology program. Sam completed their MA in psychology at Humboldt State University and completed their BS at Texas A&M University. Sam’s research interests consist of social identity, leadership rhetoric within extreme groups, and the use of internet memes to foster a collective group identity. In addition to their work for the CWR, Sam is the current lab manager for CGU’s Social Identity Lab and an adjunct professor at Chapman University.

Allison Maladore (she/her)

Allison Maladore is a doctoral student of public health at the School of Community and Global Health with a concentration in Leadership & Management. She is a former K-12 educator, principal, and non-profit executive director. She has a BS in Pathobiology from UConn and an MS in Biomedical Sciences from Midwestern University. Her research interests are merging critical public health issues into the education sector, children’s health equity, racial and social justice, advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion, Asian American mental health, and community health work in Southeast Asian populations. She is the proud daughter of Lao refugees.

Lauren Shaffer (she/her/they/them)

Lauren Shaffer is a Doctoral Candidate in the department of International Studies at CGU. She holds a B.A. in Government and Religion from Smith College. Her main research interests include foreign and development aid, poverty and inequality, gender equality, and environmental sustainability. Her hobbies include hanging out with her (many) pets, exploring the outdoors, and cooking new recipes.

Ayoub Touti (he/him)

Ayoub Touti is a Phd Student from Italy currently enrolled in the Cultural Studies program at CGU.

Arline Votruba (she/her/they/them) (Senior Consultant)

Arline Votruba is in the quals phase of the Cultural Studies PhD program here at CGU. Arline’s research contributes to the medical humanities through ethnographic exploration of how culture impacts endometriosis patients’ healthcare experiences. Arline holds a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing from Keene State College and an MA in English: Rhetoric, Composition, and Professional Communication from Iowa State University. Arline’s scholarship engages feminist theory, medical humanities, and reproductive justice.