GSC Core Team Members

Christina Kolias

Danielle Riccardo

Meet the GSC Core Team Members

The CGU Graduate Student Council has created a team of talented individuals to serve as a Technical Writer & Constitutional Consultant and as a Social Media & Communications Strategist to join our staff.  Christina Kolias has joined our team as the Technical Writer & Constitutional Consultant to assist in updating and building out a modern Graduate Student Council constitution that supports (1) Diversity & Inclusion to end systemic racism, and (2) one that seeks to not only connect students within the physical borders of our educational community but (3) one that integrates students via digital and virtual communities alike.  

And Danielle Riccardo has also joined our team as the Social Media & Communications Strategist. The Social Media subject matter expert is responsible for developing and implementing the GSC’s communications strategy aimed at (1) increasing student engagement using virtual communities, (2) providing more effective and immediate means of communications with students across social media platforms, (3) enhancing and strengthening the online presence of the GSC as a digitally-transformed student organization. 

Both roles are very instrumental and will work closely with each GSC Executive Board member, the Office of the Dean of Students, and other university teams, and staff members.