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Bulletin Introduction

Official Disclosure

The official disclosure about Claremont Graduate University (CGU) is the CGU Bulletin. The University converted to this electronic format with its 2009-10 issue in an effort to be environmentally responsible, but also to provide global access to information about CGU and its programs. The publication is available at the CGU Bulletin link, highlighted throughout the following introductory information.

Prior to release of the 2009-10 issue, the CGU Bulletin was published in a paper format. As a result, much of the Bulletin’s content has been recreated and expanded on the CGU website. Nevertheless, the CGU Bulletin continues to be published to serve as the University’s official disclosure in the following ways.


An official disclosure document is required for institutional eligibility and participation in certain federal, state, and other higher education programs.

Requirement Term Disclosure

For matriculation and degree completion, students are held to the requirements published in the CGU Bulletin. The applicable issue of the CGU Bulletin is determined by the student’s semester of admission or matriculation, provided student status has been continuous. When continuous student status has not been maintained, the requirement term is determined to be the most recent term of reinstatement.

Program Changes

Changes to program eligibility or degree completion that are more restrictive or create additional requirements must be announced in advance in an issue of the CGU Bulletin. These changes become effective with the first term covered by that issue of the CGU Bulletin. Changes that ease eligibility or degree requirements may be announced at any time and made effective immediately; however, these changes must be disclosed in the next issue of the CGU Bulletin.

Historical Document And Fiscal Year

The CGU Bulletin serves as a historical document of the University’s academic programs for the fiscal year of the particular issue. CGU operates on a fiscal year that begins with the Summer semester and runs through Fall and Spring. Note that this year-structure differs from the traditional Academic Calendar, which begins with the Fall semester. For the purposes of policy and procedure, changes become effective with the publication of the CGU Bulletin.

Special Features

The CGU Bulletin is constructed using acalog, an online catalog product from Digital Architecture, Inc. This product allows CGU to provide a number of special features to guide your navigation and to facilitate your access to favorite or most valuable pages.

View/Print Only What You Need

Catalog visitors generally arrive with very specific needs for information. The divison of our CGU Bulletin allows users to view and/or print only those sections or pages of information that are important to the user. Note the Print-Friendly Page icon in the upper right hand corner of the various pages.

Archived Library

Previous electronic issues of the CGU Bulletin are available within the electronic publication itself, in the Archived Bulletins section. The first electronic Bulletin was for 2007-2009. Prior to implementation of the electronic Bulletin, the 2005-2007 Bulletin had been uploaded to the website. For information about prior year issues, check with your local school library.


Questions or concerns about the CGU Bulletin and/or its content may be directed either to the registrar or the individual CGU program.