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*Claremont Graduate University has partnered with Parchment to order and send your transcript and other credentials securely. The link above will open a new browser and you will be required to create an account with Parchment.

Official Transcript Information
Transcript Fees and Ordering Instructions
Unofficial Transcripts
Transcript Authenticity
Transcript Legend
Transcript Legend (pdf)


Official Transcript Information

Official electronic or paper transcripts are ordered and paid for online through Parchment. Payment for the full amount of a transcript order must be received before the order can be processed.

The CGU Registrar’s Office releases academic transcripts in compliance with the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). All transcript requests must include written consent of the student (the owner of the record); requests are not accepted by phone or email. Academic transcripts and the information contained in academic transcripts may not be further disclosed without the prior written consent of the student identified by the transcript.

Transcripts are an official report of historical enrollment and academic performance. To ensure academic and chronological accuracy, all class enrollments (including audited classes) and grades are displayed, regardless as to whether a student is currently pursuing or has completed the degree for which the classes were taken.


Transcript Fees and Ordering Instructions

NOTICE: Due to the possibility of significant delays in domestic and international mail services during COVID-19, we recommend requesting electronic official transcripts rather than hardcopy (if available). Mail delivery delays could significantly affect the time in which your order arrives at its destination.

Official Electronic (pdf) Transcripts
  • Order through Parchment
  • $12.00 per copy
  • Processing time: 1-5 business days
  • Retrieved via secured FTP site
  • Recipient name and email address specified at time of order
Official Paper Transcripts
  • Order through Parchment
  • $12.00 per copy, plus mailing/shipping costs
  • Processing time: 3-5 business days
  • Recipient name and address specified at time of order
Expedited Delivery (domestic/international)
  • Additional fees apply
Unofficial Transcripts
  • See instructions below
  • Only available for current students or graduates from 2015 to the present



Unofficial Transcripts

If you are a current CGU student or if you graduated from CGU with a degree or certificate any time after 2015 you have access to the CGU PeopleSoft Student Portal and can generate an unofficial electronic transcript. Log on to the CGU portal, select the Academic Records tile, then View Unofficial Transcript. If you are unable to login to the CGU portal, please request password assistance by contacting the CGU Helpdesk at helpdesk@cgu.edu or 909.621.8174 (x18174 from on campus). You can also see the Viewing your Unofficial Transcript Guide for assistance.

Unofficial transcripts are downloads of data from your official academic record. Because these documents do not identify Claremont Graduate University as the source, they are considered unofficial and are not recommended for sharing with or distributing to third parties. Some holds may prevent the release of transcripts. Current and recent students may check for holds on the student portal.

Transcript Authenticity

Electronic Transcripts
CGU has contracted with Parchment to provide official electronic pdf transcripts. Parchment provides a secure FTP site where authorized recipients may retrieve the pdf file using unique login credentials.  Official electronic transcripts include the university’s seal as a watermark and the registrar’s signature on each page.  Printed versions of the electronic pdf transcript bear the word “copy” across the face of the document.

Paper Transcripts
Official CGU transcripts are printed on red security paper. When held up to a light source, a translucent globe should be visible on both sides of the paper. The official signature of the registrar appears in white on the face of the transcript. When photocopied, this document will display COPY COPY COPY across the face of the document. When exposed to liquid bleach, the document will turn brown. Alteration of the CGU transcript may be a criminal offense. Official paper transcripts are mailed in an envelope that indicates “Official Transcript Enclosed.” A statement on the reverse of the envelope declares “The enclosed document contains all criteria for authentication and validation. No other marks, signatures, or seals are required on this envelope.”

Transcript Legend

University Name. From 1925 until July 1, 1997 Claremont Graduate University (CGU) was known as the Claremont Graduate School (CGS).

Accreditation. CGU is part of The Claremont Colleges, and is accredited by the Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Grading and Grade Points. CGU uses a 4.0 scale for determining grade point average (GPA). Students receive a single GPA for all work completed at CGU regardless of the student’s programs or enrollment status. CGU assigns grades and grade points as follows.

Grade Grade Points Description
A+ 4.0 Truly exceptional performance
A 4.0 Excellent performance
A- 3.7 Very good performance
B+ 3.3 Good performance
B 3.0 Acceptable performance
B- 2.7 Marginally acceptable performance
C+ 2.3
C 2.0 Passing, but below expectations for graduate work
C- 1.7
P N/A Passing grade, credit given. Equivalent to a B
F 0.0 Failing grade, no credit given
I N/A Incomplete – Work is satisfactory, but not completed within the semester. The student is given additional time to submit work for the course. A subsequent grade is pending
W N/A Withdrawal – Student withdrew from the course after the Add/Drop deadline
Y N/A Unreported Evaluation – The instructor failed to report a grade for the student
AU N/A Audit – Successful completion of an audit
GP N/A Grade Pending – The instructor’s evaluation is outstanding


Credits. CGU courses and credits are based upon the semester unit. Courses listed as earning credit have been reviewed and approved as graduate-level coursework. CGU students may enroll in courses offered by the other members of The Claremont Colleges.

Transfer Credit. A grade of B or better is required for courses accepted as transfer credit.

Historical Grades. CGU printed its history of grading schemes on the legend of its official transcripts until 2010, when, for space consideration, a summary listing was substituted. This information is presented for historical purposes and explains previous grades and grade meanings, if inconsistent with current CGU usage or grades.

  • June 2010-August 2021
    Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) grades used in place of Pass/Fail (P/F) grade options
  • January 1995-May 2010
    PI – Permanent Incomplete – Grade Points: N/A
    00 – Audit – Grade Points: N/A
    NGR – No Grade Received – Grade Points: N/A
    S – Satisfactory
    U – Unsatisfactory
    Courses numbered below 100 did not receive graduate credit
  • September 1974-December 1994
    PI – Permanent Incomplete (effective Jan. 1991)
    0 – Audit – Grade Points: N/A
    NC – No Credit – Grade Points: 0.00
    S – Satisfactory
    U – Unsatisfactory
    After September 1972, courses numbered below 200 received graduate credit only if followed by an X. Non-credit courses were designated with a Y.
    Prior to September 1972, courses numbered below 1-100 received graduate credit only if followed by an asterisk (*). Courses numbered 1-100 with no asterisk earned no graduate credit.
  • September 1950 – August 1961
    A – Superior
    B – Good
    C – Passing
    F – Failure
    WU – Unsatisfactory at withdrawal
  • September 1965-August 1974
    H – Honors
    HP – High Pass
    P – Pass
    LP – Low Pass
    I – Incomplete
    00 – Audit
    U – Unsatisfactory
  • September 1961-August 1965
    H – Honors, exceptional/superior, equivalent to an A
    HP – High Pass, better than average, equivalent to A-/B+
    P – Pass, adequate performance, equivalent to B
    LP – Low Pass, marginal but creditable
    U – Unsatisfactory
  • September 1925-August 1950
    S – Satisfactory
    U – Unsatisfactory