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Commencement Participation Policy

All students and/or alumni must register to participate in Claremont Graduate University’s commencement ceremony. Registration information will be sent to all eligible participants via email.

Participation is limited to the following groups:

  • Students/alumni who received their degrees* during the Summer and Fall semesters that immediately precede the current Spring semester and who have not participated in a previous ceremony for the same degree
  • Students graduating during the Spring semester who have not participated in a previous ceremony for the same degree
  • Students who will graduate in the upcoming Summer term and have had a Commencement Participation Petition approved by their academic department and the Provost.**

*Degrees are defined as master’s or doctoral degrees.  Students who received or are receiving a certificate only are not eligible to participate in the commencement ceremony.

**Due to regalia ordering deadlines, students who register for commencement late or petition to participate in commencement may incur additional fees, including any rush or special handling charges for regalia.

Petitioning to Participate in Commencement (For upcoming summer degree recipients only)

Students graduating in the current spring term or who graduated in the previous fall or previous summer term do not need to submit a petition to participate in Commencement.

Petition Eligibility

If you plan to receive a degree during the Summer term following the commencement ceremony and wish to participate in the current year’s ceremony, you must petition to be allowed to participate. Eligibility requirements are as follows:

You must complete your degree requirements and graduate during this year’s Summer term. Because you must be enrolled for the semester in which you expect to graduate, your student account must be free of any financial obligations and other academic holds. Please note that you must also meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards in order to graduate from CGU. If you are on academic probation, you may not petition to participate in Commencement.

Doctoral students: You must have submitted and expect to successfully defend and complete all revisions to your dissertation by the deadline published for the summer term.

Master’s students: Three requirements must be met. (1) At the end of this Spring semester, you must need no more than eight (8) units (12 units for graduates of the Teacher Education degree program) to complete your degree program. (2) You will complete your degree program during the Summer term. (3) You must be enrolled for the Summer semester.

Petition Process

To participate in Commencement, you must complete a Commencement Participation Petition (available on the Registrar’s Form Index). Petitions are reviewed and approved by the Provost upon recommendation from a student’s academic advisor, school/center Dean, and the Registrar’s Office.

Petitions processed and approved before the publication deadline for the Commencement Program will allow your name to be listed on the Anticipated Summer Degrees page in the Commencement Program. Names of students who successfully petition to participate in the 2021 Virtual Commencement Celebration will not appear in the 2021 Commencement Program.

Students who have successfully petitioned and participated in a commencement ceremony, are not eligible to participate in the ceremony again for the same degree.

Deadline for Commencement Participation Petitions

Students completing degrees in Spring should refer to the degree completion deadlines/timelines in the Academic Calendar and are not required to submit a Commencement Participation Petition. The deadlines below apply to students who anticipate graduating in the upcoming summer term and are requesting permission to participate in this year’s commencement ceremony.*

Note that Commencement Participation Petitions require both the approval of the academic advisor as well as the school or program’s Dean/Director before they can be considered by the Provost. Please allow sufficient time to obtain these approvals. No petitions received by the Registrar’s Office after the Commencement Participation Petition deadline below will be reviewed or approved.


April 9, 2021 Deadline for receipt of Commencement Participation Petitions. Submit completed (with required signatures) petitions to the Registrar’s Office by this date.

*Due to regalia ordering deadlines, students who register for commencement late or petition to participate in commencement may incur additional fees, including any rush or special handling charges that may be incurred.



Graduation FAQs

Where can I find graduation deadlines and forms?

Graduation deadlines can be found on the Academic Calendar.

Graduation forms are available on the Registrar’s Form Index. They include:

  • Intent to Receive a Degree
  • Final Approval Master’s/Certificate
  • Request for Dissertation Defense Announcement
  • Final Approval Doctoral Degree

When will I receive the Degree Completion Survey so I can submit my final approval form?

The Degree Completion Survey is required for all students receiving a master’s or doctoral degree in a given term. Students will receive an email with a link to the survey two weeks before the degree completion deadline (see Academic Calendar for current dates). Upon completion of the survey, students will receive a completion code via email which must be included on their degree final approval form(s).

Do I need to be registered in order to graduate?

Students must be registered during the semester in which they intend to receive a degree or certificate, with the exception of students who have completed all coursework for a degree and intend to graduate during the summer term. Students graduating during the summer term who are not enrolled in coursework must have been enrolled or on a university-approved leave of absence during the previous spring term in order to be eligible.

Active Status – Requirements Complete: If all academic and institutional degree requirements, including the removal of outstanding Incomplete grades and receipt by the Registrar’s Office of all forms including all required signatures, are accomplished prior to the first day of classes for that next semester, the student may not be required to register in the semester of degree conferral.

In these cases, the academic department should confirm that all approvals have been recorded prior to the first day of the term and then inform the Registrar’s Office that the student is in degree requirements complete status. This status will be recorded on a student’s transcript, and they will remain in active status until the first available date of degree conferral and will not have to register for Continuous Registration or Doctoral Study.

This status is only applicable for students who were enrolled at CGU during the term immediately preceding the term of graduation (for fall graduates in degree requirements complete status, enrollment in the preceding spring or summer term is required). Students on a university-approved leave of absence in the previous term or who are reinstating to the university in the semester of graduation are not eligible. Students are also not eligible if they are working on additional degrees at CGU that are incomplete.

When will I receive my diploma?

See the Diploma Distribution section of the Student Records webpage.

How will my name appear on my diploma?

The student’s legal/primary name as it appears in their CGU record will be printed on the diploma.

To see how your name appears in your student record, please consult your “Profile” information in your PeopleSoft student record the “Primary Name” listed in your portal. To view your “Primary Name” click the “Profile” tile after logging into PeopleSoft, then in the “Personal Details” screen, click the “Primary Name” option. A pop-up window should then appear listing all portions of your “Primary Name” contained in your student record. The first name, middle name, last name, and suffix contained in this record will be printed on your diploma.

Your primary/legal name cannot be changed through your portal. For information about changing your legal/primary name in your CGU record, please see the Changing Your Personal Information webpage.

How and when will I receive information about Commencement?

All graduates and students eligible to participate in Commencement must register in order to participate in the Commencement ceremony. All eligible participants will receive an email by the end of February from the Registrar’s Office (student.records@cgu.edu) including a link to an online Commencement Registration Form which must be completed by the deadline indicated in the email.

  • Spring graduates will receive the registration form via their CGU email.
  • Graduates of the previous Summer and Fall terms will receive the registration form via the “Home email address” listed in their student record.

If you are a student or graduate who meets the eligibility guidelines (see above in Commencement participation) for participating in the upcoming Commencement ceremony and you have not received an email with a link to the Commencement Registration Form, please check your Junk and/or Clutter folders in your email account as it may have been misdirected. If you cannot find the email in these folders, please email student.records@cgu.edu.

For additional information about Commencement, please visit the Commencement information webpage.

When will my degree show on my transcript?

The Registrar’s Office posts degrees/certificates to students’ records after the end of the term as grades are recorded and degree requirements are verified. To learn whether your degree has been posted, please login to your Peoplesoft student record and view your unofficial transcript. If your degree has been posted, it will appear under the “Degrees Awarded” section (usually on the first page of your transcript).

You will receive one complimentary official transcript with your diploma; you may order additional copies online through the National Student Clearinghouse (www.nationalstudentclearinghouse.org). For more information about transcripts, please visit the Transcript Requests section of the Registrar’s webpages.

What will the degree conferral date be on my transcript and diploma?

CGU has three degree conferral dates per year which are the last day of the Summer, Fall, and Spring terms. These dates are listed in the Academic Calendar.

I recently graduated and haven’t received my diploma. What should I do?

See the Diploma Distribution section of the Student Records webpage.

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