It is the responsibility of the student to understand the regulations for their student visa (F) status. We encourage all F-1 students to review the sections on this page to maintain your visa status.

  1. Keep a valid passport – it should be valid for a minimum of 6 months into the future.  
  2. Provide your local address to SLDL – report any change in your address within 10 days. You must report your address change to SLDL and update your student portal (Peoplesoft). 
  3. Maintain full-time enrollment. F-1 students are required to enroll full-time in courses each fall and spring semester.
  4. Ensure your I-20 is valid at all times (check program end date). If you need more time to complete your program, apply for an extension before the end date listed on your I-20. Other changes that require a SEVIS record update are a change of degree program, degree level, legal name, and/or source of funding. Review the enrollment section for more information.
  5. Obtain a travel signature from an SLDL advisor for travel outside the U.S. or if you will apply for a new visa before reentering the U.S. Travel signatures (or endorsements) for F-1 students are valid for one year. Review the travel and entry section for more information
  6. Only engage in employment that is authorized. For F-1 students, review the employment section to learn about the differences between on-campus employment, curricular practical training, off-campus employment for economic hardship, and optional practical training. F-1 students must receive approval from the SLDL staff before beginning or continuing any employment or practical training opportunities off-campus. 
  7. Don’t overstay your grace period. F-1 students receive a 60 day grace period at the end of the F-1 program to remain in the U.S. The grace period ends when you depart from the United States, if earlier than the 60 days.
  8. When in doubt, contact an SLDL advisor for clarification. The SLDL advisors serve as the campus Designated School Officials, and are trained in F-1 regulations. Students can email an SLDL advisor or schedule an appointment to address their questions or concerns.