Claremont Graduate University designates university officials to serve as J-1 international advisors for the Claremont Colleges consortium. These advisors are required to monitor and update the SEVIS records for all J-1 students, scholars, and dependents.  

J-1 international advisors are called Responsible Officers (RO) or Alternate Responsible Officers (ARO). Below are the appointed university RO/AROs across the Claremont Colleges: 

  • CGU: Heather Case, Responsible Officer 
  • CMC: Aithan Peterson, Alternate Responsible Officer 
  • HMC: Patrice Siffert, Faculty and Staff Contact 
  • Pitzer: Todd Sasaki, Alternate Responsible Officer
  • Pomona: Kathy Quispe, Alternate Responsible Officer (only Pomona Exchange Visitors)
  • Scripps: Kelly Hogencamp, Alternate Responsible Officer

If you are unsure who to contact, please reach out to the Responsible Officer at Claremont Graduate University (CGU).