The growth of Digital Learning and the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning have increased awareness of Copyright and Fair Use in the traditional and online classroom. As educators continue to move toward increased accessibility to content and the use of digital media, knowledge of relevant laws and regulations is critical. The following resources and websites are provided to assist you with your evaluations, research, and decisions on appropriate and fair use of these media.

  • Copyright Policy of the Claremont Colleges
  • Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Multimedia – “The purpose of these guidelines is to provide guidance on the application of fair use principles by educators, scholars and students who develop multimedia projects using portions of copyrighted works under fair use rather than by seeking authorization for non-commercial educational uses. These guidelines apply only to fair use in the context of copyright and to no other rights.”
  • The Teach Act – “Although copyright law generally treats digital and non-digital copyright-protected works in a similar manner, special digital uses, such as online distance learning and course management systems, require special attention. Some of the special copyright requirements of online distance learning are specifically addressed by the TEACH Act.”
  • Educators, Technology, and The Law – Q & A for common topics regarding copyright infringement
  • Copyright: Finding images you can freely use – Helpful guidelines for using Creative Commons
  • About Creative Commons – Creative Commons mission, vision and purpose