Guidance For Faculty On Measures To Preserve Academic Continuity

This page is intended for Faculty and other Teaching staff of CGU. Staff and Students have dedicated pages for their roles. Please click the following links to be redirected to the page that is most helpful for you:

This page is a resource guide to address the challenges and possible solutions for continuing work if coming to the office on campus is not possible. As epidemic outbreaks, natural disasters, or other unexpected events can disrupt scheduled courses, the tools and strategies described here can minimize the effects of those unexpected situations.

Best practices for teaching remotely include live or synchronous classes, where you meet and communicate remotely through email, chat, video conference, and other options. You could also conduct self-directed work through recordings, video or audio media, PDFs, quizzes and other assessments or other possibilities.

Online Faculty Resource Center (OFRC): This Canvas site for CGU faculty and TAs contains resources and links for online teaching, including self-serve materials, live and recorded training sessions, and collaboration space. To be added to this Canvas course site, please email

Two important measures you can take to prepare yourself involve becoming familiar with the use of two key technologies:

Please remember, protecting data, especially student data, is paramount to what we do as University Employees. This can be be particularly easy to forget in a remote environment. Please take a moment to review CGU’s FERPA statement