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This notification is to inform you about the change to email addresses of the three email distribution lists used to send messages to all students, all faculty and all staff. This change allows for faster message deliveries, provides better message moderation capabilities, and enables many Office 365 features including improved security controls. The new lists are already active and available for you to use and we encourage you to transition to the new email addresses right away. Beginning January 3rd 2019, messages to the old “Lyris” listserve email addresses will bounce back to the sender.

For additional information regarding this change, please feel free to contact the OIT help desk if you have any questions by sending an email to

UPDATE: Beginning Wednesday 01/23/2019, there will be two faculty email distribution lists available to you. One, consisting of ALL faculty including Core, Adjunct and Emeritus, and another with only the Core faculty.

No changes are being made to the All Staff or All Students lists:

List Name List Recipients Moderated By
CGU All Faculty All CGU Faculty – Core, Adjunct, Emeritus Provost’s Office
CGU Core Faculty All Core CGU Faculty Provost’s Office
CGU All Staff All Staff Human Resources
CGU All Students All Enrolled Students Dean of Students

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