Students can install SAS on their personal laptop in one of two methods. (Scroll down for the learning materials.)

Installed by CGU: SAS is available from CGU for free. However, students must email to set up an appointment for SAS installation. Please note that SAS has strict installation requirements, and it may not be possible to install SAS on your computer. Also, SAS is currently available from CGU for only Windows computers.

Self install: Students can self install SAS by downloading the free University Edition of SAS at SAS’s website. This version works on both Windows and Macs. However, please be sure to carefully read everything at this web site before downloading and installing the University Edition of SAS. There are four SAS products under University Edition: BASE SAS, SAS/STAT, SAS/IML and Access to PC Files. All of these are full versions of the products and are not limited or “student” versions. The size of the data you can analyze depends on the storage and memory of the machine on which it run.

SAS Learning Materials:

SAS provides a variety of teaching and learning materials at no cost.