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Wireless Networks at CGU


Current Students, Faculty & Staff USE THIS NETWORK!
This securely encrypted network is recommended by OIT as the preferred choice for all your network connectivity needs at CGU. The Eduroam wireless network is shared and accessible throughout all of the Claremont Colleges campuses, and at other Eduroam enabled schools. Visit Eduroam’s web site to see a list of other schools at which you can log into Eduroam with your CGU credentials.

Please follow the instructions for the device you are attempting to connect:

Once you have completed this process your password will be stored in the configuration and you will not be required to log in again until your password expires.

PASSWORD NOTICE: If you change your CGU E-mail password, you must reconnect to the Eduroam network again using above instructions to save your new password before you can reconnect to the network.


If you are a current CGU Student, Faculty, or Staff, please connect to the Eduroam network, using the instructions above. Use the below wireless networks only if your device is having problems connecting to the Eduroam network.

If you are a guest at CGU, and your home academic institution is a member of Eduroam, then you can use your home academic credentials to log onto the Eduroam here at CGU. For more information and to see if your home academic institution is a member of eduroam, please visit the eduroam website at

CGU-Guest is a non-encrypted, non-password protected “guest” network. This network provides CGU guests with basic Internet access while on campus. Guests on campus can access external web sites and most web email systems. CGU systems such as CGU webmail are NOT accessible from this network.

Claremont–WPA was launched in the summer of 2011 and is currently being phased out at the Claremont Colleges.

Claremont is a non-encrypted network and will work on most devices that support the ability to sign in via a web portal page. The Claremont wireless network is shared and accessible throughout all of the Claremont Colleges campuses. You will be required to perform the following steps every time you wish to use this wireless network to access the Internet:

  • To use the Claremont wireless network, search for the “Claremont” Wi-Fi network (SSID) and connect your device.
  • Once you have successfully connected, launch your internet browser (eg. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari).
  • Your browser will be redirected to a Claremont Colleges login page. Enter your network login (which is the same user name you use to check your CGU email) followed by the three letter acronym @CGU (do not include “.edu” ). Enter the password, which is also the same password you use to check your CGU email. Click on the Submit button.

Claremont-ETC is best suited for CGU Housing residents who have wireless devices that cannot connect to the Eduroam network. Laptops, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices should use the Eduroam network whenever possible, even at the CGU residences. Claremont-ETC uses a passphrase for authentication, which changes every semester. Please contact CGU Housing Services for the current passphrase.


There may be “Wi-Fi dead-zones” or areas where you are unable to access the Wi-Fi because you are out of range of the transmitter. Please notify OIT of any dead-zones you may find by submitting the Wi-Fi Coverage Request Form (Fillable PDF).

VPN– Virtual Private Network

The Virtual Private Network, or VPN, allows you to connect your computer to CGU’s network resources from any location in the world that has access to the internet. This technique can also be used on campus if a hard-wired connection is not available.

VPN access includes:

  • Access files on the personal or department share (O:\, I:\, etc).
  • Access network subsystems that are normally only available on campus computers.
  • Remotely control office computer.

VPN access is only available to CGU staff and faculty. If you would like to have VPN access, please visit the staff in room ACB 303 to receive instructions and special files used to set up your computer for VPN access.