Zoom is a full-featured web and video conferencing service that can be used to host online meetings, webinars, and interactive session with individuals inside and outside of Claremont Graduate University. Zoom has the following features for licensed pro accounts at CGU:

  • Easy start and join
  • HD video and high quality audio
  • Up to 300 participants
  • Screen sharing
  • Breakout rooms
  • Polling
  • Local recording of the session

Please scroll down to see Zoom recording retention and storage, to see a comparison between a basic account (students, student workers, and staff) and a pro account (faculty and some staff), and to view guides on using Zoom.

Zoom Cloud Recordings: Retention and Storage

Beginning November 1, 2021, Claremont Graduate University has a 150-day Zoom Cloud Storage retention period.  All Zoom recordings will be retained in the cloud for 150 days. After 150 days, recordings will be moved to the meeting host’s Zoom trash, which has a 30 day grace period for retrieval. Once the 30-day trash countdown expires, the recording will be permanently deleted from Zoom and cannot be retrieved.

This retention limit only applies to Zoom meetings and webinars that are hosted by a CGU user and recorded to the cloud. The retention limit does not apply to Zoom recordings stored locally on your computer, external hard drive, OneDrive, or Stream.

Recording Date Days Old Retention Period Trash Permanent Deletion
November 1, 2021 0 150 Days (Until March 31, 2022) 30 Days (Until April 30, 2022) April 30, 2022
August 23, 2021 70 80 Days (Until January 20, 2022) 30 Days (Until March 17, 2021) March 17, 2021
June 5, 2021 149 1 Day (Until November 1, 2021) 30 Days (Until December 1, 2021) December 1, 2021
November 1, 2020 365 1 Day (Until November 1, 2021) 30 Days (Until December 1, 2021) December 1, 2021

Examples of Zoom Cloud Recording Retention Dates Starting November 1, 2021


This retention period will ensure that enough cloud storage remains available to our community during active academic terms and promotes proper stewardship of University data and resources. CGU provides options for long-term, secure media storage through Microsoft.

Accessing Zoom Cloud Recordings

Go to cgu.zoom.us, sign in with SSO (aka CGU Microsoft sign in), and click the “Recordings” option at the left.  Review your “Cloud Recordings” and scan the dates of your recordings. If you wish to keep an older recording, click the “Topic” name or the “File Size” link for the recording detail page, and then click “Download” to download all of the files (or hover over a specific element, like “Shared screen with speaker view”, and click the download arrow icon to download that individual item).  Once downloaded, you can keep the file(s) on your local computer or upload the file(s) to your CGU OneDrive or Stream account. Be sure to apply the appropriate protections/permissions for the files based on the content.

Alternatives to Zoom Cloud Storage

Online class session recordings can remain in Zoom Cloud storage, as the 150 day retention period will cover the full semester. Other recordings that need to be retained beyond 150 days should be stored in your CGU OneDrive or Stream account. Please contact the help desk if you have any questions or need assistance moving recordings from Zoom cloud storage to another location.

Zoom Cloud Recording Retention and Storage FAQ

Do I need to move my class session recordings out of Zoom Cloud Recordings?

No. The 150-day retention period will cover your class session recordings for the entire semester. No action is needed, and classes can continue to be held in Zoom through the Canvas integration. Cloud recordings will continue to be available to those enrolled in the course for 150 days, at which time Zoom will begin the automated deletion process.

How do I keep my recordings to use in future classes at CGU?

If you have recorded lectures, interviews, or other video content in Zoom that you would like to use in future semesters, download the recording from Zoom and add it to OneDrive. You’ll be able to distribute the OneDrive version in future Canvas course sites.

Be mindful of student privacy and ensure that you are maintaining FERPA standards when re-using media. Recordings of live class sessions with students’ names, faces, and participation may not be appropriate to re-use in another course.

Basic account vs. Pro account

Students, student workers, and some staff have access to a basic CGU Zoom account. Actively teaching faculty and some staff have a pro CGU Zoom account.

Feature Basic Pro
Length of meeting 2 people in the meeting: unlimited minutes

3 to 300 people in the meeting: 40 minutes (the host can start another meeting immediately and re-invite the participants to the new meeting)

unlimited minutes
Recordings records only to the local computer records to Zoom’s servers or to the local computer

*** Due to the limited availability of Pro accounts, Pro accounts which have not conducted a group call beyond 40 minutes for two consecutive months will be deactivated, and switched to the Zoom Basic account.