Faculty and staff can check out a few iPads or the entire iPad cart for use in their class or meeting. You can send your request for iPads to helpdesk@cgu.edu. Please be sure to send the request from your CGU email address.

iPads are available M-F, only when CGU is open (9- 4pm) for you to get them. If you need the equipment for a weekend or holiday period, please pick them up prior.

The request should include the following information:

  • number of iPads needed, or the entire iPad cart (up 28 iPads)
  • if you can pick up the iPads or cart, or if you need them delivered delivery location (building and room)
  • delivery or pick up date and time
  • return date and time
  • name of faculty/staff member
  • email address
  • phone number

By sending a request to check out iPads, the faculty/staff member understands his/her rights and responsibilities (see below) in the use of this computing equipment, provided by Claremont Graduate University.

Rights and Responsibilities

I agree to assume responsibility for the Claremont Graduate University property being requested. I agree to make all reasonable efforts to prevent this property from being damaged and to secure it from loss or theft. I will report any damage, loss, or theft of this equipment to the Office of Information Technology in a timely manner. Should any of these items be damaged, lost, or stolen, I will cooperate with university personnel as needed to fix or recover the equipment.

If I am borrowing the iPad cart, I understand I must lock the cart to properly secure it. I will make sure that the lock is working correctly and the cart is secure before leaving it unattended.

I will make sure to press the sleep button on the iPad prior to closing it so that the battery will not drain.