President Jessup and CGU’s leadership have coined a new name for the post-pandemic CGU, called a ‘Connected Campus’. This highly mobile, highly flexible model of the university life after the COVID-19 Pandemic has many positive aspects, but there are also many considerations to address to lead to such positive operations of once normal daily activities. Below you can find information on how to approach the CGU ‘Connected Campus’:

Working Off-Campus and Telecommuting

Working On-Campus

Attending CGU On-Campus, Online, or Hybrid Classes

A message from President Jessup regarding the vision for CGU Connected Campus:

“We are reimagining campus life after the pandemic. We’ll address themes of high quality, high touch, integration, transdisciplinarity, customization, convenience, and flexibility and how we incorporate it all into the delivery of a transformative graduate experience. Our first pivot back in March of 2020 was an immediate transition to Zoom. Our second pivot in the summer of 2020, called ‘Online Flex,’ leveraged our learning management system, Canvas, to create an enhanced, integrated online experience. For fall 2021 and beyond, the third pivot is a new strategy for teaching and learning that combines on-ground and online learning into an integrated hybrid approach we call ‘The Connected Campus.’ Creating a connected campus will allow us to invite people beyond our regional boundaries to participate in the CGU experience.

There is important work ahead in ’21-22. Our overriding goal continues to be positioning the university for enrollment growth to achieve a sustainable budget that matches our North Star aspirations. We will look to restore compensation adjustments, as much as possible, based on combined new and continuing student fall enrollment figures, which will be finalized in October. We must also continue to improve retention through student engagement and success initiatives. Bringing the connected campus vision to life will also require efforts in instructional design, classroom upgrades, infrastructure, technology, and training, just to name a few. Many of you will also be engaged in new program development and support, as well as with our WCSUC accreditation”