Online Teaching Tools at CGU

Guidance For Faculty On Selecting Technology Tools for Successfully Teaching Online

This page is intended for faculty and other teaching staff at CGU, to provide information on specific tools the Office of Information Technology suggests and supports in optimizing your teaching efforts online. These tools are appropriate for faculty in any online, hybrid, or flex course; these tools may also be useful for enhancing traditional on-ground courses, too.

Notice regarding technology expenditures: Please note that our list of approved tools specified below for teaching does not mean that you are authorized to spend university funds to purchase these technologies. Please consult the information on this web page, discuss your teaching needs with OIT and your dean, so that you ensure that your requests are eligible for spend authorization. If deemed eligible, make your request for spend authorization. The provost is tracking research and development expenditures and considering requests with an upper cap of $500.00 per faculty. All requests, and any requests to exceed the limit, must be documented and receive approval prior to reimbursement.

For more information and support on teaching, working, or studying remotely, please see the to the page that is most helpful for you:

Teaching online may be challenging, but can still inspire student motivation, participation, interaction, and learning in students. CGU’s boutique model of small, intimate in-person class sessions can be reflected and enhanced through online tools. The online space provides an opportunity to experiment and try new approaches in teaching and learning that help overcome:

  • The challenge to adapt to the new learning environment
  • The challenge to ensure the teaching and learning is successful
  • The challenge to keep motivations high
  • The challenge to select the right teaching tools for the right learning moments
    • and to learn how to use those tools for both the faculty member and the students
    • as well as the challenge to receive the support needed from OIT or others, at the time the support is needed


Institutions across the K through 16+ education spheres are being inundated with new technologies, some intentionally designed for teaching and some not, during the current public health circumstances. Canvas, CGU’s learning management system (LMS), provides robust communication, teaching, collaboration and assessment tools for faculty. Additional tools like email, chat, video conference, recordings, video or audio media, PDFs, and quizzes and more can also enhance the student and teacher experience.

This page is designed to facilitate picking the right tool for the teaching moment, and to know the tools authorized and supported by CGU OIT. OIT should be your first avenue to acquire the tool but please note that there is a limited supply of hardware such as webcams, headsets and documents cameras on hand as well as in the supply chain.

There are two ways to read through the tools below, though both sections cover the same information from different perspectives.

  • Use case based– This section is based off your approach to teaching and the tasks you’d like to accomplish in your online learning space (See section below for pricing)
  • Technology-based – This section is based off your technical needs if you’ve already settled on your approach and need suggestions for technical tools supported by CGU IT