Guidance For Students On Measures To Preserve, Continue or Pause Research

This page is intended for Student Researchers of CGU. Please click the following link to be redirected to the Learning Continuity page:

​This page is a resource guide to address the challenges and possible solutions for continuing research activities while the campus is closed. As epidemic outbreaks, natural disasters, or other unexpected events can disrupt scheduled research, the tools and strategies described here can minimize the effects of those unexpected situations.

Some important measures you can take to prepare yourself involve becoming familiar with the CGU Offices that influence research:

  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) – focus is to facilitate faculty investigators and help train student investigators to understand and carry out the fundamental purpose of all IRBs, which is to assure the Investigator’s Respectful Behavior toward every person who participates in research as a “human subject.”
  • Registrar’s office – The Registrar’s Office is committed to maintaining the accuracy, integrity, and privacy of CGU student records; to ensuring compliance with CGU policy and higher education regulations; and to facilitating administrative processes for students, faculty, and CGU’s academic programs.
  • Marketing and Communications office – MarCom oversees communication of Dissertation Defenses to the general CGU community, which remains a requirement for all defenses.
  • Dean of Students office – The Dean of Students serves as the primary student advocate and liaison to the CGU Administration. The Dean of Students also serves as the primary contact for student crisis, the Title IX coordinator, and is responsible for the development, compliance, communication, and education of the campus community on policies and procedures affecting student life, including the code of conduct.
  • Provosts office – The Provost office provides academic and administrative leadership for all of CGU, including all matters concerning academic programs, faculty, curriculum, student achievement, sponsored programs, and research.

Some important measures you can take to prepare yourself involve becoming familiar with the use of two key technologies:

  • Zoom – Online Collaboration and Video Conferencing Tool
  • Qualtrics – The Survey Tool of CGU